Patient Consult

PatientCONSULT: Medical consulting institute

Office hours: 00.00 am/pm – 00.00 am/pm

PatientCONSULT is a medical consulting institute, which is unique in Germany in this form. The main concern of the institute is to look at the bigger picture of an illness and to incorporate the individual daily reality of every patient into the treatment plan. By bringing together medical and social scientific consulting services, the patient is empowered to deal with his or her illness in a competent and safe way. PatientCONSULT views its effectiveness as located at the interface between illness and daily life: our package of services thus includes the planning and feasibility of different treatment variants for the patient in addition to talking though all available results. On request, this also includes scheduling the necessary visits to the doctor. PatientCONSULT considers itself a central point of contact that wants to provide the patient with what is often lacking: time.

For patients from intercultural backgrounds, there are furthermore special foreign-language consulting programmes. You can find more information about the Heidelberg Institute PatientCONSULT on the website

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