Postgalerie 4

The Practice for Interdisciplinary Medicine

is located in the centre of the historic town of Speyer am Oberrhein. Since April 2013, the group practice under the directorship of Prof Dr med Udo Schlot has been part of the former Reichspost, which was re-opened in autumn 2012. The combination of cutting edge equipment and historical substance is reflected in the medical work of our doctors: under the roof of the new Postgalerie, we combine the latest medical findings with the deeply-rooted knowledge of alternative healing approaches.


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Doctors and range of services

Waiting room

In the heart of the historic town of Speyer, the new Postgalerie opened its doors in autumn 2012 in the building of the former Reichspost. Alongside three retail levels, the freshly renovated shopping centre has a level of office and practice premises. The Practice for Interdisciplinary Medicine has been at this impressive historic location since January 2013.

In the three treatment rooms of our state of the art practice, we provide the opportunity for doctors to rent space during their office hours.

We understand the human organism as a finely-tuned system. We thus consider a holistic perspective as well as the inclusion of different therapy and treatment approaches self-evident. The close cooperation between different doctors as part of the interdisciplinary practice gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of treatment options to our patients, without having to forgo specializations. In addition to conventional treatment, our doctors thus also include different alternative healing methods in their treatment plans. This includes, among other things:

  • Anthroposophical medicine
  • Herbal medicines/phytotherapy
  • TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Bio-resonance therapy
  • Bach blossom therapy
  • Neural therapy.

Please to not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the different alternative therapy concepts.

Doctors and office hours

In the following, you will find a list of the doctors currently in practice here with details of their individual treatment areas as well as the related office hours. You thus have the opportunity to choose the doctor who is most suited to your symptoms and the treatment approach desired. Healing processes can only take effect if the patient is open to the selected treatment method.

Prof Dr med Udo Schlot: Neurosurgeon for holistic spine therapy

Office hours:

09.00 am/pm–14.00 am/pm and by appointment

Prof Dr med Udo Schlot

Prof Dr med Udo Schlot

Prof Dr med Udo Schlot is a neurosurgeon specialized in the area of back and spine disorders. His forms of treatment and therapy are based on a holistic approach and incorporate alternative healing methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or homeopathic methods.  Prof Dr Schlot pursues the idea of individualized medicine, which focuses on the human being with his or her mental and physical character.

In December 2012, Prof Dr Schlot was further appointed Professor at the Private University for European Management (PEM). The chair at the Institute for Medical Marketing and Innovation offers him the opportunity to continuously develop and deepen his own medical career in theory and practice in the sense of lifelong learning. Prof Dr Schlot incorporates findings from research and teaching into his practical work as a doctor and thus passes on new insights directly to his patients.

You can find further information on Prof Dr med Udo Schlot here.

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