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Our spine:
A natural work of art

In the human spine, the entire art and perfection of nature becomes apparent: it is the expression of a perfect balance between two contradictory requirements, because our spine unites the alleged opposites of stability and malleability, thereby creating a fascinating intrinsic equilibrium. Our spine supports us, gives us stability and enables us to move and walk upright at the same time.

Damage to the spine, chronic back problems or slipped disks thus go hand-in-hand with considerable impairments for the patient. As a neurosurgeon, Prof Dr Schlot has therefore made it his business to solve his patients’ back problems by means of conservative treatment, modern surgical procedures as well as the registered my-spine© therapy concept, because: today,  almost all types of back problem can be remedied.

Practice/clinic for holistic spine therapy

Prof. Dr. med. Udo Schlot

As the Director of the interdisciplinary practice, the experienced neurosurgeon Prof Dr med Udo Schlot will also use the premises in Speyer to receive his patients. This of course will have no impact on his work at the Lüdenscheid Neuroclinic, which remains open to all his patients!

The whole patient, not just back pain, is what counts

Prof. Dr. med. Udo Schlot with patient
Prof. Dr. med. Udo Schlot with patient

A human being cannot and must not be viewed by medicine as a rigid, standardized entity. Such a perspective hardly enables long-term recovery success. Rather, every patient is always shaped by the sum of his or her own individual mental development and physical capacities. Accordingly, therapy concepts and treatment methods must always be adapted to the individual patient, his or her anxieties and concerns, and to his or her individual needs.

The approach in personalized medicine is able to fulfil these special requirements. As such, the personal particularities of the patient can be taken into account even in the choice of examination method: for example, if the patient is suffering from claustrophobia, he or she will not be examined by means of MRT (magnetic resonance tomography), a procedure that involves the patient being placed in a narrow tube. Here, an examination using CT (computer tomography), which takes place in a large tube, can be selected instead.

Healing methods: between ancient knowledge and cutting edge medicine

X-ray photograph

Prof Dr Schlot combines ancient healing knowledge, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Bach blossom therapy, with state of the art examination and treatment methods, in order to remedy – or at least provide long-term relief of – back problems, such as slipped disks or damage to the cervical vertebrae. As such, unique therapy plans are developed that bear one thing in mind: the creation of harmony and balance to restore the patient’s health equilibrium. You can find further information on Prof Dr Schlot’s treatment methods and the my-spine© therapy concept here:

Experience shows that the self-healing capacities of the body alone are not enough to solve chronic back pain in the long term; in such cases, an operation is unavoidable. For the surgical treatment of back problems, Prof Dr Schot can look back on a long-term cooperation with the Asclepius – Südpfalz Clinic in Germersheim. The specialist clinical team as well as the beautiful location do not just promote a rapid healing process, but also invite patients to explore the surroundings.

You can also read about other patient’s experiences with Prof Dr Schlot on his Jameda profile.


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