Postgalerie 4

The Practice for Interdisciplinary Medicine

is located in the centre of the historic town of Speyer am Oberrhein. Since April 2013, the group practice under the directorship of Prof Dr med Udo Schlot has been part of the former Reichspost, which was re-opened in autumn 2012. The combination of cutting edge equipment and historical substance is reflected in the medical work of our doctors: under the roof of the new Postgalerie, we combine the latest medical findings with the deeply-rooted knowledge of alternative healing approaches.


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Interdisciplinary competences in joint practice rooms


Our group practice provides a protective roof for doctors from different disciplines to carry out their medical services. Each medical history – and in particular the corresponding treatment approach – is shaped by an individual’s specific needs and requirements. For this reason, we bundle a variety of medical approaches in one practice:
Highly-qualified specialists have the opportunity to use our three modern and well-equipped treatment rooms for their medical services. A joint reception area acts as an interface; in this way, the organizational workload remains manageable and provides for a lively exchange.

As a patient, you have the opportunity to select a doctor from our competent medical team who best suits your individual patient history and your personal preferences. You will find an overview of the doctors currently practicing, their areas of specialization and office hours here...

Different treatment approaches – joint values

The interdisciplinary group practice does not just enable patients to select a tailor-made treatment concept for themselves, but also facilitates a lively exchange between doctors, enabling them to take different perspectives and thus to enrich their own work.

However, for a cooperation to be fruitful there must be a match in fundamental convictions. We consider the following core values to be prerequisites for all doctors working in our practice: You as a patient can always rely on that!

  • A high degree of specialist competence: a grounded specialist medical training offers the crucial basis for the work of our doctors.
  • The patient at the centre: sustainable healing processes are only possible if the patient is taken seriously and his or her medical history is individually assessed and evaluated.
  • Holistic approach: in order to choose the correct treatment approach, the patient must be viewed as a whole. We thus reject selected universal solutions.

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