Schönes Leben

Wonderful Living will be at your side with experience and understanding.

It is our highest priority to find a living space for you that is not only tailored optimally to your health situation, but also suits your personal taste.


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Du kannst nicht ein Haus lieben, das ohne Gesicht ist und in dem deine Schritte keinen Sinn haben.

Wonderful living for people with special requirements

Holistic thinking also means viewing the human being not just as a patient, but to perceive the patient in his or her entire surroundings: especially with health impairments, a lively participation in everyday events is crucial for the subjective feeling of wellbeing. Mobility and stylish and tastefully furnished surroundings are important factors for this.

As a partner of the interdisciplinary practice, Wonderful Living offers an all-round service package for special living requirements for healthy people as well as people with health-related impairments. Especially in cases of

Wonderful Living will be at your side with experience and understanding.

It is our highest priority to find a living space for you that is not only tailored optimally to your health situation, but also suits your personal taste.

Network of real estate competence and health requirements

Wonderful Living is part of a local and supraregional network in the area of real estate. As such, we are able to bundle the existing offers for you: you then only have to decide which living space is best suited to your wishes and expectations.

In addition, we cultivate close and reliable contacts to partners in senior citizen care and the extended healthcare service. As a result, we can jointly create and maintain a way of life for you that represents your own personal feeling of wellbeing.

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Wonderful Living: contact us

You will find us on the premises of the interdisciplinary practice at

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Your contact person here is Ms Brigitte Rath-Beck.

We are looking forward to your enquiries and are also available at any time to provide you with advice!

Wonderful Travel

We can offer you our contacts and experience in the areas of holiday destinations, hotels, excursions and the corresponding arrangements.

In cooperation with selected travel operators and partners from the tourism industry, we put together individualized programmes. Destinations and accommodation can be booked for you.

Detailed and suitable offers are presented to you by colleagues from the industry and discussed with you. The study of countries, cultures and customs is in our interest to guarantee a smooth cooperation.

Unusual ideas in travel arrangements are not unknown to us. We welcome your wishes and offer suggestions. Whether you are planning a skiing trip with guaranteed snow or a quiet island, we can find the suitable provider and present you with our ideas. But our team can also make reservations and communicate on your behalf.

Wonderful coming together

Social networks, contact to likeminded people and people on a similar wavelength are becoming increasingly important.

Mutual help and the commitment of every individual are required. Be it associations, volunteering, social activities, religious communities (church) or even friendships  - all of them can represent areas we would like to select with you.

Donation stock exchanges and auctions for the needy can be arranged. Jointly visiting events or also presenting date proposals is one of the possibilities.

Promoting togetherness is important to us.

Wonderful Ambience

Living, wellbeing and a comfortable and healthy environment is an important part of our lives. The selection of furnishings is equally a part of this as is the decorative arrangement. Whether interior spaces or garden design, everything should represent harmony between humankind and nature.

We have been in contact with selected experts, architects, designers and interior decorators for many years. Our cooperation with specialist retailers will benefit you.

Beautiful and healthy

From sports and leisure to nutrition, personal care, cosmetics as well as the choice of clothing – a good combination of all these enhances your confidence and increases your charisma.

The motto "beauty comes from within" could be one of ours. Our consultants, trainers and coaches are trained in the respective areas.

Non-medical practitioners, astrologers, kinesiologists and healers are also in close contact with us.

Every human being is individual and should therefore be allowed to select his or her own form of support. We provide advice and contact opportunities.

The decision regarding the priority for every individual area of life should be everyone’s personal choice.

With us, each different personality has the opportunity to find complete expression. We want you to be happy. For this, we offer a range of quality of life options and will try to put together an all-round package for you.

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